More Baby Succulents (And A Cute Idea)

Remember when I grew succulents from cuttings?  Well, I planted those and started another batch and now I have quite a little window garden.

They look lovely in my milk glass jars.

Rudy's birthday is coming up and her school does not allow parents to send edible treats for safety reasons.  Instead, they ask that parents send either a book or a plant to celebrate a birthday.  I was actually thinking of sending one of these succulents but I looked up non-toxic plants and I may send a Christmas cactus instead.  I love the idea that it will always bloom for her birthday!

Note: We opted for the (non-toxic) Christmas cactus to send to school with Rudy.  We also bought her one for her room at the new house since she loves watering the plants at school so much.  Rudy helped us transplant both tonight and it was a lot of fun!

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