If These Walls Could Talk...

... They'd tell you they couldn't breathe because of all the wallpaper plastered all over them!  That's, right- after learning that we weren't going to immediately expand the second floor, we then encountered hiccup number two!

Our plan was to get Rudy's room ready for us before our move-in date at the end of November.  We had just taken possession and Corey visited the house to start stripping wallpaper from Rudy's room.  We knew the entire house was covered in it, but we figured we'd work on one room at a time.

Well, Corey had been working on Rudy's room for an hour and barely made any progress when he called me, completely exasperated.  There were at least three layers of wallpaper everywhere (even the ceilings) and some of the layers were plastered and/or painted!  It was time to hire the pros.  Corey and I are avid DIY-ers but we know our limits.  We interviewed a few companies the next day and within days, the work had been started.

We had them remove as much wallpaper as possible, skim the rest so the walls and ceilings are smooth, remove the cabinetry and a wall in what will be our family room, do a little drywall work and paint the house.  The company we hired ended up doing a great job (we loved them) and now our walls are smooth and the house is really coming together.

We're so excited to show you the finished product but, we ended up doing much more work than we had planned to do before moving in, which means that we had to bunk with my mom for a few days.  This puts us a little behind schedule but we're still on track to be mostly settled in by the new year.

Luckily, my mom was a good host and helped a lot with Rudy, so our time with her wasn't too bad.  Now we're finally starting to move in and even decorate a little for Christmas!  Lots of pics to come!

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