A Change of Plans

Ahhh, our new house plans!  We've learned over the years that sometimes plans go awry and we have already faced one reality check with our new house: Every reno can cost SOOOO MUCH when you have an old house.

Of course, we knew this when we bought the house and we always keep in mind that we shouldn't buy something based on what it could be unless we are 100% certain we can make that dream come true.  We bought our house knowing that we loved it as is, but we did have some hopes that maybe we could add some square footage by bumping out the top wall in the "master bedroom" shown in the floor plan.  The second floor is only a half storey and the bedroom shown as a "master" in the floor plan has really sloped ceilings.  We were hoping we could extend the wall and add a bathroom and some extra closet space.

We were prepared to go through the planning and permit process and to fork out a hefty sum for the work.  Unfortunately for us, we soon learned that bumping out a wall in such an old house was almost as involved as entirely rebuilding the second floor.  Faced with a price that was more than our budget, we've decided to wait a couple of years for our dream second floor.  By that time, we may be looking to rebuild the second floor and maybe give ourselves an extra bedroom to add even more value to our house.

In the meantime, Corey and I will be sleeping in the bedroom marked as the "3rd bedroom" on the floor plans, which has less floor space but higher ceilings.

Of course, we were a little bummed initially, but now we're excited to save and save for a huge second floor one day!

Now that I've shared what we're NOT doing right away, I can't wait to show you the changes we've already made to our new house.  I know this post is a bummer but I want to show you the honest side of renos because sometimes things don't work out according to plan.  We roll with the punches just like everyone else! ;)

Photos of the new house soon!

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