DIY Bath Table

Photo by Thea Menagh

I may have gone over a year without a proper tub when we first moved in (remember, we showered in the family room during our reno) but I've been making up for lost time by taking plenty of baths ever since!  There's nothing like a hot bath with a good book and a glass of wine to relax after a long day!  Our deep tub is one thing I'll really miss about our new/old house!

This post is actually from my archives but I wanted to post now since we left this table for our buyers (it fits the tub perfectly and is a great size to balance a glass of wine and a book or even a laptop) and I wanted to share it before I forget.

It was years ago when we visited the Aberfoyle Antique Market in search of a nice piece of reclaimed barn board.

After cutting it to size, sanding and securing some wood blocks to the bottom to keep it from sliding, it was nearly ready.

A little butcher block oil brought out the natural beauty of the wood.

We've enjoyed it for years but it was time to pass it on.

Speaking of baths, do you make time for them?  I started while I was pregnant with Rudy and never stopped!  I'm hoping the tub at the new house is half as comfortable as the tub we're leaving.

I have been loving this bath oil and  this bath foam.  The oil was a gift from a friend and smells so luxurious.  The foam smells so soothing and produces above average bubbles.

I read once that the trick for a super bubbly bath is to add a bit of bath gel along with a heavy stream of water from the faucet just as I'm beginning to fill the tub.  Then you make sure to move the mounds of bubbles to the back of the tub so there's room for more to form.  It actually works really well and I'm left with SO. MANY. BUBBLES!  Then I just sit back with a book and a glass of wine and pretend I'm Oprah or the queen... or someone who takes luxurious baths.

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