We've Come A Long Way, Baby: Before and After Extravaganza!

We've come a long way, baby!  As we prepare to say goodbye to our little new/old house, I've been feeling nostalgic and a little sad.  This home has meant so much to us and it holds some of our happiest memories.  It really has been our dream home for the past few years and we've poured our love and ideas into it to make it our own.

Before we get too caught up in our plans and ideas for our new house, let's take a brief look back at some before and after shots of our new/old house.  Join me for a trip down memory/renovation lane!  Special thanks to the talented Thea Menagh for all the "after" photos!

... And if you're curious, here are some "Before and After" shots from the condo!

Here's the exterior of the house when we moved in.  There was a lift for a wheelchair in front of the ugly porch and the steps were pretty hazardous.

Here's the house today.  That porch was enclosed to give us a functional mud room and we love our pretty black door and extra wide steps.

Here's what the porch looked like...

And here's our mudroom!

Here's the living room on the day we moved in.  The house didn't have central air yet so there was a window AC unit.  Those laminate floors were also pretty ugly in person...

Here's our living room today.  It's amazing what some hardwood floors and built-in shelves will do to a space!

The dining room was pretty bland when we moved in.

It needed some colour and personality!

The kitchen was pretty bad before we renovated it.  We actually moved the door to the basement so that we could add more cabinets and counter space.  

This is the same angle!

I had almost forgotten about the shower that stood in the corner of our family room.

No more random shower and lots of room to play!

Here it is from another angle.

Ugh!  That bathroom was so awful when we moved in.  I can't believe we lived with it like this for as long as we did!

It was lovely when we updated it though.

Those shelves were so wobbly.  I really hated them!

Rudy's room actually wasn't SO bad when we moved in.

It still needed some love though!

My office and the master bedroom were both covered in green carpet.  Here's my office "before" we updated it.

The "after" was a much more inspiring place to work!

Here's the master bedroom, back when it had green carpet and only a tiny closet...

And here it is now.  Much more serene.  

We're almost ready to say goodbye to our first family home but seeing our progress motivates us to get to work on our new house!  Soon, it will also feel like home!

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