Our Nursery Palette

You may already know that I first looked to Emily Henderson's advice when trying to plan our living room colour palette.  You can see what I came up with below.  Why is having a colour palette important?  Well, for someone like me who likes things to look eclectic, crazy-but-not-too-crazy and pulled-together without looking too matchy-matchy.  It's sort of a tall order, so I like to figure out which colours are going to work in the room so that I have a guideline.

And here's a look at what the room looks like.

I also used the same theory when planning our front hallway.

And here's the finished product:

You may already know that we're big fans of Farrow and Ball paint and we've even tested them against other brands...

So, it shouldn't be a huge shock when we tested F&B colours in our nursery.  What may have been a bit surprising were the dark blues we chose for our baby girl's room.  I know it seems a bit dark, but we wanted a relaxing space for both Bruiser and us to spend time in.

We ended up choosing Hague Blue (the colour on the left) which is a rich blue with hints of green in person.  From there we formed our palette, which includes shades of green, white and grey for contrast, some rich turquoise and even some hints of peach.

Here's a look at our nursery on the day we moved in back in April of 2013.  We kept the mirror but ripped up the laminate and had the hardwood underneath professionally finished.

With me pretty much on bed rest for the final week of my pregnancy, we've been lucky enough to have my mom and brother coming to help us constantly.  In fact, my mother painted our nursery and the furniture almost entirely by herself while my brother helped Corey with our kitchen reno.

The stunning crib was a gift from friends and we also painted that in a F&B colour, Teresa's Green.  I actually considered other shades but opted for this soft, muted green which evolves from pale celery to mint to robin's egg blue, depending on the light.

We're finally beginning to place furniture and this photo taken at nearly midnight is probably the last photo I'll take until the room is complete.  I think the room will take shape when we begin to hang some art...

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