DIY Easy Knit Nursery Letter

No, we're not sharing Bruiser's name just yet but we figured the first letter couldn't hurt. ;)

In constant search of little crafts I could do from bed during my last days of pregnancy.  I grew bored of knitting quickly but, I did discover that I could weave using just yarn and my hands. 

To start, I just looped the yarn around my fingers in a figure-eight pattern until I had two loops on each finger.

From there, I pulled the bottom loop on each finger over the back of my hand to the front until I only had a single loop on each finger.

Then I wound the yarn around my fingers in a figure-eight pattern once again until I had two loops once again and could repeat the last step.

My finished product was a long, snake-like woven piece of yarn.

From there I grabbed some styrofoam and cut it into the first letter of little Bruiser's name.  We're not sharing her full name just yet. ;)  I glued my woven wool to the front with hot glue.

And now we have a personal piece of art which will also add some texture to our nursery.

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