Round-Up: 6 Creative Christmas Crafts

I doubt I'll have much time for crafts in December once the baby is here, but I put together a list of some of my favourites from around the internet in case you are looking for some inspiration.

I loved this wreath made using thumbtacks, which was featured on The Sweet Escape.  Isn't it festive and unique?  I think I'll try one next year.

I already made my own version of this ornament I found on Salt Tree.  I thought this idea was really magical.

These painted tins by Cynthia Shaffer offer a brilliant solution to a problem I've always had.  I love baking for family and friends over the holidays but I find that the cheap tins I buy at the dollar store always look a bit... tacky.  Not the case with these!

I might opt for larger ornaments and I'd make sure to wash them well first but I like the idea of these little hot cocoa filled ornaments to give as small gifts or even holiday party favours!

The holiday season always makes me think of the nutcracker.  In fact, we've downloaded the entire score to listen to in the hospital with little Bruiser.  I love these ultra dainty ballerina ornaments.

These thrifted sweater stockings have already inspired me to make my own mittens.  I love the cozy look of these by the fireplace though.  Santa would say the best part is that they stretch...

What are you making or baking this holiday season?

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