Before and After: Nursery Armoire

I already mentioned in this post, that the armoire from my own nursery has been with me for 32 years.  My parents bought it unpainted and painted it white for my nursery.  When I moved out to a tiny 1 bedroom apartment, I painted it green to help with storage in my living room.  When Corey and I moved into the condo, it housed files in my office.  And when we moved into our new/old house, it sat in our family room and gave us a place to store everything that wouldn't fit in our tiny, poorly laid out kitchen.

It's been moved several times, disassembled and painted, scratched and even chewed one day by Cheetah when we foolishly stashed dog treats in one of the drawers.  It's been with me for such a long time that I can't help but love it and it feels nice in a sentimental way to have something from my own nursery in the new baby's room.

But, it needed a makeover so we began by removing the hardware and patching the holes.

From there, my mother painted it white once again and Corey added some new hardware from Anthropologie.

We also made the drawers safer and easier to open by adding two pulls (instead of one) to each drawer to balance the weight.

We're pretty happy with our updated armoire for Bruiser's nursery.

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