Our Wedding (The Reception)

All photos in this post are courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images.

I've been posting so much about the nursery that I thought I should probably wrap up our wedding posts.  If you've missed the others, check our part 1 and part 2.  

We held our reception at an old heritage house which happened to be located a five minute walk from the house I grew up in.  Corey commented the minute we began our tour that it felt "like us" and it was an easy choice.  A bonus for me was the fact that it's rumoured to be haunted and I just love a good ghost story.

We purchased boxes of Rescue Flats for each bathroom to ensure that our friends could dance the night away.

We used the assortment of vintage apothecary jars and vases for our candy buffet.  Not wanting to take ourselves too seriously, we included vintage favourites like wax lips, candy necklaces and pez.

The week before the wedding, we hustled (with the help of friends) to complete our personalized glasses.  Each guest's name was etched in their own glass.

Our menu totally reflects the fact that I was pregnant.  We were going for upscale versions of traditional camp cuisine but I see now that it was all comfort food.  Cheesy cheesy comfort food!

We arranged our flowers casually in vintage milk glass vases.  The arrangements were loose because I wanted to give the appearance of a garden party.  Corey and I both had loved ones who had passed away before they could see us get married and, instead of photos, we framed a few personal sentiments about each beside their candle and scattered them around the room at the various tables.  We felt that by doing this, it would almost seem as though they were seated at the tables with our guests for the evening.

Corey is Jewish and, although I was pregnant, I couldn't wait to dance the hora with him.  We just made sure our strongest friends were holding my chair. ;)

We kept speeches to a minimum by limiting them to myself, Corey and our brothers.

You may remember that I surprised Corey (and myself) with a gender reveal.  He had thought we'd wait to find out on our honeymoon but I had my brother wrap an extra special gift for us to open together.

Having just learned that we're having a daughter made our first dance to Louis Armstrong's What a Wonderful World extra emotional and special.

Our brother's speeches were both hilarious and touching.

I recall a friend telling me that her favourite photo of herself at her wedding was a candid of her laughing during one of the speeches.  I was lucky to get one as well.

The rest of the night was just party time with our friends and family.

Our guests lined the driveway and lit sparklers as we left.  Being a casual ceremony, I handed my bouquet to a friend who will likely be one of the next to get married and we drove our own car home.  
We left for our honeymoon a day later but that night, it was nice to come home to our own house, change into sweats and chat about our wedding as we walked the dogs.

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