DIY Leather Wallets

My friend Jess and I seem to have an obsession with crafting workshops.  Over the past few months, we have made terrariums and shibori dyed scarves, but it was time to try our hands at some leather working.

About a month ago, we returned to Crown Flora Studio for a workshop run by Robin from Fitzy.

Of course, we took a few minutes to browse the shop.  After collecting milk glass all year for my wedding centerpieces, I've built up quite a collection and now I notice it everywhere.

I also loved the geometric terrariums.

And the leather and suede bags.

Robin provided templates and tools for us to use and she demonstrated each step... Which was good, since working with leather is not easy.

The tools used to make holes in the leather looked like medieval torture instruments.  I'm shocked that I didn't hurt myself.

We began by cutting out the template for the key ring.

We had to use a mallet and anvil to hammer the hardware together.  The baby was not thrilled about the hammering.

Mine turned out well and was a close match to my purse!

Next was the more intricate wallet.  We each cut out the template and spent another hour poking holes to stitch.

We used bookbinding string that we coated in wax.  We doubled the first and last stitches for added strength.

The template even included the option for pockets inside.

Here are my finished products.

Jess made hers with rounded corners.  I liked both versions!  Hint- If you want to make your own, leather, hardware and tools are all available at Tandy Leather Factory!

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