A Great Baby Shower Idea

I'm a lucky lady because I actually get two baby showers!  The first was last weekend, and while I don't typically blog about parties or time with family and friends, I'm making an exception today.  My shower was lovely.  We had tea and punch and mini sandwiches and scones and my friends made sure the games were entertaining and not embarrassing or cliche.  They know me well and it was perfect for me.

The final activity involved decorating onesies for little Bruiser.  Not only was it a huge hit, but it was such a touching, fantastic idea!  There was an assortment of sizes and fabric markers, iron on patches and puffy paint and my friends put so much thought and effort into their designs.

How adorable will it be to dress the baby in clothes that were decorated with so much love?  Isn't this a fantastic idea?  What's your favourite shower game?

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