Baby's First Month Snow Globe

I cannot take credit for thinking of this craft.  I actually saw the idea on Pinterest and traced it back here and decided to expand upon the idea.

Since "Little Bruiser" is coming in December, I decided to make her one for her room.  I thought we could take it out each year around her birthday and she could use it as a nightlight for the month and look at it as we tell her the story of how she was born.  For us, this is a baby craft but it would also make an equally lovely winter or holiday craft.

Here's how I made it:

1.  I hit up the Dollarama for a mason jar (without markings) as well as some fake snow and a little battery operate street lamp.  I've found that there are tons of little lamps this time of year at most dollar stores.  I already had gold spray paint, glitter, a hot glue gun, paper, a tea bag, pom-poms and chopsticks.

2.  I spray painted the lid of the mason jar gold.

3.  I then threaded the wire for the lamp through the lid (remember mason jar lids come in two pieces) and I glued the lamp to the inside of the lid.  I used glue and pom-poms to hide the wire.

4.  I printed my date and then rubbed a black tea bag on the paper to give it an antique look.  I allowed it to dry before cutting it out and used hot glue and chopsticks to secure it to the inside of the jar.  Other ideas besides a date could be a message or even a short poem.

5.  I added fake snow and gold glitter.  There is no water in the jar so the snow doesn't really fall slowly but the snow and glitter stick to the sides of the jar and the lamp due to static and I think this makes a really pretty night light.

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