Our Kitchen Flooring

With weeks to go until baby Bruiser makes and appearance, an irritable and hungry pregnant woman in the house and no functioning kitchen, Corey's working quickly to rebuild it.  Normally a lone worker, he even enlisted the help of my brother (top photo) who has spent a couple of days helping out.

The first step was to install a new subfloor to ensure an even base for our new flooring.

Corey laid plywood after filling any holes.

Once the subfloor was secured, it was time to lay our actual kitchen floor.  With hardwood throughout the house (with the exception of the heated tile floor in our bathroom) we wanted to choose our flooring for our high-traffic kitchen and family room carefully.  

A friend who happens to be a chef once showed me the marmoleum flooring in her own kitchen.  Not only was it attractive, she said it was easy to clean, durable and it felt fairly soft and warm under my feet. 

When we mention our choice in flooring to most people, they're like "marmol... what???" but marmoleum is actually a brand of linoleum, which comes in array of colours and patterns, has a layer of cork underneath, and is a durable, sustainable and allergen-free flooring option which is gaining popularity.

It's still not easy to find, but we ordered ours from Avenue Interiors and had it in a few days.  We chose long tiles (it also comes in square tiles and sheets) with edges that click together for ease of installation.  Choosing a colour was also a challenge, but we opted for a neutral charcoal grey with some subtle marbling.

It clicks together like a laminate floating floor but it's virtually seamless once installed.

It's now finished and that means.... drumroll please.... It's time to start putting together our new kitchen!!

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