Our 300th Post!

Thanks to my little blog hiatus, it has taken us a while to get here!  Can you believe post 200 was back in September?  This time, Corey and I are each choosing our five favourite posts from the past 100 (excluding yesterday's pregnancy announcement and the Condo Survival series, which are hands-down favourites) and writing a little about why we chose each post.  

It's been a busy several months which have included our first holidays in the new/old house and many major improvements as well as wedding plans.  Here are our top posts since September:

Corey's Favourites (written by Corey) 

Checking the List (Our Six Month House-iversary) was one of my favourite posts since I'm a big fan of lists, and was really proud to go back through our home to-do list and see how far we'd come.  Still working on it, I'm sure you'll see more soon! ;)

When we went for our Snowy Walk, it was just such a lovely little simple date, and having a post to remember it gives me a bit of a smile.  We go out on the trail so often, and we always have a great time.

This was just such a Crate and Barrel-O-Fun!  Nobody had really told us how much fun it was to just grab a scanner and go nuts, and we found so many great things that we wanted and previously hadn't agreed on (like cutlery).

It was so much fun recounting what had happened Exactly One Year Ago Today...(well not TODAY).  When we started looking at houses, this wasn't my first choice necessarily, but I wouldn't give it up for anything!

Possibly, we've left the best for last!  Our Story (As a Children's Book) was a surprise Taylor showed me one day when I got home from work, and I LOVED it.  I love the story, how well the animation turned out, and how cute it is.  It's even on our wedding website! I just can't explain how happy it makes me! :-|)

Taylor's Favourites:

I still really like the Glass Cutting DIY post, because it was our first major wedding project and because I was so touched when so many friends popped over after reading it with bottles they had collected to help us reach our goal.

My Top 10 Modern Christmas Movies post will be fun to revisit each year.  I love round-ups and I love Christmas movies so this was a perfect post for me.

Do You Have (Or Would You Get) a Tattoo? was a fun post to write and Corey and I were sooo close to getting our matching tattoos when we discovered I was pregnant.  Now I suppose we'll have to wait until after Singleton arrives!

I was so surprised and thrilled when We Were Nominated for a Homie!  This post reminds me of how far this blog has come and how amazing my readers are.  I also found some awesome blogs to add to my favourites in the Homie awards nominees list.

Advice to My 20-Year-Old Self was such a fun post to write because I got to ask so many friends for help with it and I learned so much from their answers.  It's amazing to see how similar many of our experiences are!

I can't wait to share so many things with you in the next hundred posts.  Expect more renovations, more wedding preparations, a look at the giant snake-like pillow Corey has on order for me (which is supposed to be the Cadillac of pregnancy pillows) and pictures of yet another (4-legged) addition to our family!  Life right now is busy, crazy, hard at times, but generally beautiful.  I hope you'll join us!

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