Secret Room (Before and After)

You've been patient as I posted about this project here and here and I'm finally excited to share the finished product!

This little room is accessed through Maude's closet and the ceiling at it's highest point is about 5'5" so most grown-ups need to crouch or crawl in. This makes it the most delightful little child-sized play room and the "secret" access adds to the magic. I think children get a special thrill when something is clearly designed just for them and we couldn't wait to share this room with Rudy!

The photo below was taken the other day when we first showed Rudy the room. She is absolutely delighted by every aspect of this new room and spent ages playing with the books, riding the lamb and opening all the cubby doors. We ended up telling her it was a special play room for "the sisters" so that she sees it as another bonus that arrived with Maude.

As if this room were not special enough, the pièce de résistance is an incredible realistic starry sky. Rudy helped put up the stars and they're so amazing (They come in various sizes and shades and there are literally hundreds of them. You can buy them here.) that Corey and I had to stop ourselves from getting them for our own ceiling.

The photo below doesn't come close to doing them justice but it gives you an idea of what it looks like with the lights off. Rudy loves turning off the lights and shouting "Staaaarrrrs Aboukin!" ... although we have no idea what that means. We only introduced this room the other day and already it's such a favourite! Often, she'll lay on the floor and just look up at the "sky". I like to join her and it reminds me of the planetarium.

We know the girls will enjoy this private retreat for years to come. We imagine them both asking to host slumber parties in here under the night sky!

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