Nursery (Before and After)

Well, I had wanted to post about Maude's birth story today but I feel like I'm on a roll with the "before and after" posts and since you've already seen the secret room, I want to show you Maude's nursery.

As you can see from the before photos above, the room was pretty dark when we bought the house and there were layers and layers of wallpaper to remove from all the walls and the ceiling!

The main challenge in this room is the sloped ceilings, which make the ceilings on one side very low. We had to be careful to use the other side of the room for furniture without making the room look and feel too cluttered.

To avoid constantly hitting out heads, we placed both the crib and recliner on the side of the room with a higher ceiling.

We kept the colour scheme very neutral with mostly grey, white and pale blue with wood accents. We used Rudy's old crib (which was a gift from friends) but we painted it white so it feels new for Maude. The rug was a splurge from CB2 and we LOVE how soft it is.

Next to the recliner, we keep a box of quilts and blankets to keep our legs nice and cozy. The blinds we installed are amazing- The top allows full light but still maintains our privacy and the bottom is blackout (for naps) so we can choose how much light to let in.

We made a little gallery wall for Maude, although some of the frames are still empty. We're going to fill them with family photos soon.

On the side of the room with low ceilings, we decided to just have storage for toys an books at kid-height. Rudy loves hanging out in here while we're feeding Maude and we find that the little Ikea dollhouse and the built-in shelves are constantly being rearranged.

For anyone who missed my last post, through the closet is the secret room, which is a playroom just for the girls!

Rudy already loves the starry sky in the secret room.

We loved spending time in Rudy's nursery. It was the backdrop for so many memories and photos. We're hoping this room sees many happy days in the years to come.

Here are photos of Rudy's nursery and her big girl room, if you would like to see.

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