A Secret Room

I have always dreamed of having a secret room in my house. Maybe a secret wine cellar or a hidden reading nook or a really high-tech panic room. Okay, maybe not the panic room but you get the picture. The idea of sliding a bookcase away and uncovering a bonus room feels just like a storybook!

When Corey started work on Baby M's room, we already knew there were knee walls on both sides. A knee wall is common in older houses with sloped ceilings. Think of it almost like an attic space only it's beside the wall instead of above the ceiling. At first we didn't give them much thought. I assumed there was nothing but insulation and spiders on the other side.

But soon after he started, Corey realized that one of the knee walls was accessible through the closet and actually provided quite a large space. Here's a view of the wall from the room:

And here's what it looks like on the other side! Okay, I know it looks a little like a cold war bunker but we saw HUGE potential for a really cool space!

First, Corey removed all the yucky old insulation and bagged it for disposal.

Next, he bought new insulation and added a proper vapour barrier.

He's already added lighting to the knee wall and soon, he'll be ready to add ventilation, lay drywall and finally flooring!  We can't wait to finish this room!

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