Rudy's Room (More Progress)

Last time, I showed you Rudy's room in the early stages. Well, it continues to evolve and we still have a list of things to do but she's been enjoying it so much and I wanted to share. Her drapes still need to be hemmed but she loves her window seat filled with little drawers and cubbies to hide books and toys.

First thing in the morning, Cricket often sits at her widow to look into the yard. It's quite cute and she'll greet him as she rubs her eyes with a sleepy meow.

We are a family of avid book lovers and we wanted Rudy to have a special reading corner with her current favourite books on display. She loves climbing up at bedtime to choose.

Rudy loves her big girl bed and we love that we can snuggle with her during story time now.

At first, Rudy needed a step to help her up. She doesn't really need it now but we've left it along with the retractable bed rails. I suppose we're not ready for her to grow up too quickly.

We've started working on her closet. The plan is for her to have a "secret" reading nook in there as well. We'll be adding lighting soon. :)

We're working on a little gallery wall with some prints and family photos. We will add to it over the years.

When we turn out Rudy's light, she takes her little star nightlight and turns it on. Sometimes she even cuddles it in bed as she falls asleep.

I'll share more as her room continues to evolve but for now, it's a sweet space for our little warrior.

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