Wedding Programs

The photo above is courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

When we started planning our wedding, I remember wondering whether or not we should include programs.  They seemed like extra work and a waste of paper but I also knew that people would enjoy having something to read (or use as a fan) while waiting for our outdoor August ceremony to begin.  

I ended up buying some recycled plantable paper online and designing and printing these at home two nights before our wedding.  

I found the succulent clip art here and decided to give people a rundown of our rough timeline.  I think it was helpful since our wedding wasn't exactly traditional.  I also reminded people that they could plant their programs to grow some wildflowers, which is nicer than having to throw them out.

Did you or would you have a program at your own wedding?  I've always thought the programs I featured in this post were hilarious!

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