DIY Stone Necklace

When my morning sickness was really bad, I had to take a bit of a break from hardcore DIY projects in favour of a little more rest.  The problem is, DIY projects and this blog are my hobby away from work.  If I'm not blogging, it probably means all my free time is filled with extra work and so I try to give myself little projects in order to create more balance in my life.  I had always wanted to try jewelry making and I found this great tutorial on another blog.

My first attempt was the necklaces I made for my bridesmaids.

They were actually quite pretty when paired with their green dresses.

The photo above is courtesy of my amazing photographer Lew D'Souza of Engaging Images

Beads and chains and clasps can be found at any craft store but I found they were cheaper to buy online and found some nice ones here and here.  I bought beads in malachite, lapis lazuli, amethyst, onyx, turquoise and even freshwater pearls.  

It was while waiting for my blood glucose test that I noticed an article on jewelry making in Martha Stewart Living and was reminded of all my pretty beads sitting at home. 

I had booked most of the day off work in anticipation of not feeling well after my test (I was right!) and so I went home, put my feet up and made some diy necklaces in bed.

Luckily, in our house, there is no shortage of tools, so I whipped out two pair of needle nose pliers and some wire cutters.

I already had some gold chain and gold wire...

As well as lobster clasps and jump rings.

I used the pliers to make loops in the wire and I pinched the ends closed after wrapping the end around the base a couple of times.  I used the wire in the middle to string the beads and used the wire loops that I made, along with jump rings to secure the wire to the chain.

At the end of the chain, I added a lobster clasp to one side.

I also improved upon my old design by finished the end of each adjustable necklace with a jump ring attached to a bead.

Here are my finished necklaces:

Would you make your own jewelry?

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