Tile Update

 So, I've been holding out on you guys.  I've been enjoying nightly baths for weeks now... WEEKS... and yet I still haven't shared any more bathroom updates.

I'll admit that part of the reason for this is that, while functional, our bathroom still needs some drywall patching and a coat of paint before it's actually ready.  That's a poor excuse though because there are enough perfect rooms all over pinterest and I promised this blog would be real so I'll post progress photos now and you can see the finished product when it's ready.

Remember when we chose our tile last spring?  I remember being really excited about the marble mosiac that we chose for our accent strip.  Not only does it tie in nicely with the flooring, but it adds some depth and interest to our tub surround.  At $25 per tile, this was a great example of choosing an expensive accent to add elegance to more budget-friendly finishes.

This pictures shows quite clearly the bane of Corey's existence last spring and summer.  I think the frustration of tiling those shelves is what prolonged our reno by so many weeks.  Corey hated those shelves with such a passion that we almost had a party the day he finished!

I'll leave you here for tonight but I'll post soon with some photos of our tub and shower as they appear today.  If you're looking to start a similar project, we found this advice to be pretty helpful.

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