DIY Bridesmaid Necklaces

What did you get your bridesmaids as a thank you for marching in your wedding.  I've been a bridesmaid twice and one friend gave us each a little black evening bag with silk flowers on top, which we carried down the aisle like a bouquet while the other gave us pretty costume jewelry to wear on the day of the wedding.

I loved both ideas and since my bridesmaids are each wearing a slightly different colour and style of green dress, I thought it would be nice to give them a small piece of jewelry to keep their "look" consistent.  As you know, we're going for a casual DIY theme so I designed some cards on Photoshop and decided to make their necklaces by hand.  Here are the cards:

I know, I know.  By now, you're probably thinking, Enough already with this wedding!  We'll I'm sort of right there with ya and would rather just plan the honeymoon, but there is still planning and crafting to be done so sit tight.  

Then I ordered some beads and necklaces supplies from Etsy.  At first, I had planned on using freshwater pearls...

...But I decided that fluorite was prettier with our colour scheme.  Using beads, wire cutters, pliers, a roll of chain, spacer beads, lobster clasps and connecting rings, I pieced together four necklaces.

The most challenging part was winding loops onto the ends of the wire after I had threaded the beads.  I used two pairs of needle nose pliers to spare my nails!

The finished necklaces are more green in some light and more turquoise in other light.  They definitely look handmade but they're delicate and sweet and they come from the heart.

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