Kitchen Colours

It is almost time to paint the kitchen, and those of you who follow the blog know that I need to live with test swatches for a while before choosing a colour.  You'll also recall that we love Farrow and Ball paint, so we hopped down to the Farrow and Ball store to buy some test pots of paint.

While our kitchen has very minimal wall space, we're considering continuing the kitchen colour into the family room, which raises the stakes considerably.

We brought samples of our bottom cabinet colour (the top are white) as well as our backsplash to the store to compare.

Farrow and Ball has a wide range of colours and we are still debating between two different colour families.

On one hand, we loved the Teresa's Green that we used to paint the crib so much that we thought another pale bluish green belonged somewhere else in the house.  Our kitchen does not have any exterior windows so we need to be careful not to choose anything too dark.

We really liked Pale Powder (which is a lighter version of Teresa's Green) and Skylight (which has a little more blue).

On the other hand, we felt a warm pink/peach tone would pick up some of the warmth in the grey cabinets and the backsplash.  I also liked that pink would be unexpected in our kitchen and I often like to choose unexpected colours for rooms.  Of course, we didn't want anything too pink... especially if the kitchen colour was also to be a contender for our family room.

We were drawn to both Setting Plaster (which has subtle terracotta undertones) and Pink Ground (which is lighter and slightly more pink).

Here's how they look on the wall.

The lighting in our kitchen makes the colours look so different.  We were both a little surprised when we were drawn to the pink tones but they really warm up the space.  Which would you choose?  We're living with these colours for a while and waiting to make a decision until our cabinet lighting is finished in case it changes the room.  I'm not convinced we've found our paint colour yet.

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