2 Months

Rudy's two months old today and just last week she started looking directly at me while I'm working and babbling at me to try to get my attention.  And so enters the next generation of attention-loving de Sa women.  Of course, we find it completely charming.

She's growing and learning so quickly now and she attended her first wedding over the weekend and even got to hit the dance floor.

Just yesterday Rudy began babbling almost constantly.  She seems to like the reaction she gets from us.  It's crazy to think that we may hear her first words in a few months!  Even before the babbling, she's been communicating well for quite some time and makes it very clear when she's hungry or uncomfortable.  She's generally good-natured, but she does make us work hard for her smiles.  They're usually completely unexpected and the only surefire way to elicit a smile is to pull out her favourite flashcards.

Now that Rudy is awake for longer stretches, we both find that she requires more work.  When she was little, she would sleep most of the time, but now she's awake a lot and still too little to hold a toy or sit up.  This means that she requires a lot of attention to keep her engaged.  Corey often wears her around the house while I'm working so that he can chat with her throughout the day.

A big baby from the start, even the doctor was surprised by how strong Rudy was at her last appointment.  She'll probably level off at some point but for now, she's very strong for her age and loves to "stand" on her wobbly legs while holding my hands.  She can usually do it for about ten seconds before sinking to her knees.

She's looking less like a newborn and more like a baby each day.  I can't believe the difference a month makes!

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