DIY Baby Sensory Bracelets

"Rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, And she shall have music wherever she goes."

I've been wanting to get a set of these Lamaze Wrist Rattles for Rudy.  They're supposed to be stimulating and people say they help babies discover their hands.  They make them for feet too.

As you probably know, when it's relatively simple, we prefer to make things ourselves rather than buy them.  This is not only because it's cheaper and it's good to know how to do, but also just because it's fun and allows us to customize things.

I bought some fabric scraps and a bell, but I already had velcro and ribbon from making her quiet book.

I used the hard plastic bag that the bell came in, to create a crinkle texture by sewing it inside the fabric and I used the velcro and the thickest ribbon to make wristbands for Rudy.  The best thing about making a toy for a baby is that it's okay if it basically looks like a baby made it.  All you want are contrast, colours, sounds and different textures.

I was very careful to use thick thread and double up on my stitches because I didn't want any chocking hazards.

As an extra precaution, we ALWAYS supervise Rudy when she plays with them.

She's at an age where she can't really grasp toys and yet she wants to be constantly entertained.  These wristbands allow her to entertain herself a little.

What do you think?  Would you make these?

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