Have a Great Weekend!

Happy Friday!  Do you have any big plans for the weekend?  I'm working a little but friends of ours are getting married and, since the wedding is a few hours away, they've invited Rudy to come too!  It's going to be fun to dress her up and show her off to our friends.  She'll also get to have her first dance!  I'm planning on wearing her in one of these.

The photo above was a selfie we took on our first date as a family.  Rudy was just eleven days old and we took her to the Christmas Market in the Distillery District and then to a friend's party.  Since then, we've taken her on lots of errands, but we've mostly left her with my mom or my brother when we went out to dinner.  It's going to be interesting having her out with us for the whole night on Saturday.

I'm hoping to get some quiet time after work today to hang out with Corey and watch our show.  We've been watching Parenthood and, with Corey on parental leave, we can relate a bit to Julia and Joel's dynamic.

Here are some fun links to kick off the weekend:

How to fall in love with anyone.

Handy information for new parents... in chart form!

Check out this amazing tree!

When Rudy's ready for a big girl bed, I'd love to try this.

Made me laugh!

People are so interesting.

I love these DIY travel games for kids.

A clever way to learn Chinese.

I read about this common honeymoon mistake and I'm really glad it didn't apply to us.  We avoided it by renting a car so we had lots of freedom.

Incredible nature photography.

Want this!

I want to make these dog treats.  I know someone who would definitely like them!

I never expected this would be so creepy without the music.

I want to try these smartphone photography tricks.

I love this beautiful mobile.

How to make a 3D drawing.

Have you heard of the baby mugging trend?  It's not what you think!  Here's Rudy's version in a Kate Spade teacup!

And in case you missed it, check us out on Apartment Therapy!

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