Window Shopping

So, this month has been a wash as far as home renovations are concerned.  Between work, the holidays, a crazy ice strom and battling a nasty cold, it's been challenging to find the motivation to work on the house, let alone blog about it.

Still, we managed to check one major thing off our list earlier today... Drumroll, please...

Remember when Corey and I found a new window in our new/old house?  Yes, we literally found a window that we just hadn't noticed before.  Luckily, it happened to be in our washroom, which desperately needed a window for added light anyway!

Well, after receiving quotes from a few contractors, we reached an agreement with one and measurements were sent out for a custom window to be fabricated.  Our situation was a little challenging because the entire frame needed to be rebuilt.  While I wouldn't have minded widening the window, the studs would have needed to be moved and we really didn't want to worry about changing the width of the opening, so we decided that a smaller window would suffice.

After weeks of waiting, we finally had the window installed today.  It was a chilly day to remove the window for over an hour while he worked from outside the house...

... And it gave us a taste of what our bathroom might look like once our demolition is in full swing...

But the finished product was well worth it!

We had the installer temporarily affix the casing, although Corey will need to remove it again when he tiles the wall.

I love how easy it is to open and close and since our house is taller than our neighbour's house, from the tub we will have a nice view of the night sky!

Sometimes a little window can make a big impact!
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