7 Upcoming Interior Trends To Watch

It's still early enough in 2013 that most of us are still tackling our goals for the new year with enthusiasm.  How many of us are thinking of updating our home this year?  Corey and I are already relishing the prospect of a move and a chance to remake another space. 

For those of you who don't know, when we purchased our condo it was... well, the term "fixer upper" comes to mind.  I wish I could find our "before" pictures to show you because it was pretty unbelievable.  One day, I'll check our hard drives for them and post some "before and after" pics but for now, trust me when I say that we purchased the place because we like a challenge!

Now that we're planning a move, I'm thinking about all the things I'd like to do to our next home and I'm browsing some current trends and trying to incorporate them with our lifestyle and budget.  I can't say that I'm going to use all the ideas from this post, but these are some of the more interesting of the 2013 home decor trends.

1.  Bright colours are popping up everywhere this year. While, there is a certain atmosphere of sophistication in a well designed monochromatic room, people seem to be drawn to fun primary colours.  Currently, most of my walls are a pale, cool grey but when I participated in Apartment Therapy's "Room For Color Contest" last fall, I came up with all kinds of ideas for our next home.  I think I'll be slightly more ambitious with wall colour next time.  This orange kitchen was a contest entry and while I may not be this brave, it does inspire me.
2.  Organic Texture, I think, is going to be an ongoing theme with the trend towards eco decor that we have been noticing.  Would you believe picture number 2 is actually ceramic floor tile?

3.  Masculine decor is also a theme we're seeing more of.  It's actually nice to see men take an active role in the decorating decisions and it's a good reminder that a beautiful room doesn't need to be feminine.  I recently wrote about Corey helping to choose our new bedding so this is certainly something we'll continue to embrace in our next home.  Maybe he'll even get a "man cave" of his own.  The room in picture 3 is a great example of this as well as stripes, which is also a current trend.
4.  I wasn't sure if I should include this one because I don't know how I feel about it, but anything upolstered in fabric with a floral print on a white background is really on trend at the moment.  Think bright, bold floral prints on white instead of muted "grandmother's couch" designs.
5.  I know I keep mentioning the eco trend but I just love it!  Anything sustainable is at home in the most current interiors.  I would just love a green wall in our next home.  I'm not sure if it's realistic since I kill plants (mostly accidentally, but that's another story...) but a girl can certainly dream.  I am also really digging (get it? digging because of gardening!) the Urban Cultivator (above, right) which is basically made for a brown-thumb like me.  You can have it built into your kitchen cabinetry and it basically takes care of the humidity, pH, food and whatever else plants need so that you can grow your own herbs, microgreens, etc. year round.  The pricing isn't on the website but I emailed the company and this cute little model is $2200.  It's a little steep but we're going to think about working it into our kitchen budget anyway because it's just so awesome.
6.  Anything with a tribal flare is pretty cool right now.  I'm seeing masks and hand-woven baskets everywhere.  I'm not sure if I love this trend (to me, unless you've visited a country it's a little weird to have artifacts but I know most people don't share this position) but I'm all for any trend that only involves accessories since you can always change them.  Besides, this little drum is pretty cool and I can see myself trying to play it after a glass or two of wine.
7.  We love anything DIY and I love to knit so I am thrilled that the stars have aligned and these are both actually cool right now.  This rope rug is pretty neat and it would be cute is a casual room or as a part of a child's nautical themed room.  You should see the giant knitting needles used to create these things!  I would NOT have the hand-eye coordination to use them safely so I should probably bookmark that etsy store.

So that's my take on seven upcoming trends.  I would definitely try 1, 2, 3, 5 and 7.  Which would you consider trying in your home?

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