Happy Friday!

I haven't done a Friday post in a while. What are you up to this weekend? We've been too busy for family outings the past couple of weekends but we're eager to plan some fun things before the baby comes! Tomorrow is a special Saturday show at the Aberfoyle Antique Market. You may find us there for an hour or so in the morning.

We've been spending time in our garden lately and we can't wait for our tomatoes to ripen. Doing a bit of work on the yard has made it such a lovely space for Rudy to play. These days, if it's not raining, we try to eat outside.  In addition to fruit and veggies, Corey planted three peony plants for me (top photo) to enjoy. As you may already know, they're my favourites!

Have a great weekend! What are your plans? Who's binge watching the new season of Orange is the New Black? No spoilers, please! I'm hoping to save it to watch in the hospital after my C-section next month!

The prettiest wedding shoes I've ever seen.

And since it's wedding season, I love pretty (but non-traditional) rings that won't send you into debt. Here are some of my favourites: cluster, pink and dainty, emerald, set, band

We recently bought this and it was a yummy hit with the kids and adults! We're going to be using it A LOT this summer!

So cool!

We've been making BBQ corn and these for dinner as an early summer treat.

One day we'd love to build the girls a clubhouse like this one.

Just reading this made me sweat!

A trick I discovered to ease my pregnancy back and stomach pain. I use techniques 4 and 5 and it has been a game changer for me!

Have you seen Wonder Woman? I'm so excited to see it. I loved this viral tweet about it!

Have a fabulous weekend!

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