Aberfoyle Treats

It's finally summer and one of my favourite summer activities is a visit to the Aberfoyle Antique Market. We usually go early (they open at 8) and spend about an hour before driving home. Perusing stalls of antiques is a lovely way to spend the early morning (before it gets too hot) and we're still home with a full day ahead of us!

As always, I admired the pretty teacups. Now that I'm going to be the mom of two girls I wonder if there will be tea parties in our future. You know, considering Corey enjoys high tea as much as I do, I suspect we'd be having just as many tea parties with two boys... Any excuse to add to my teacup collection?

Since we're about to have another mouth to feed, we're not really in the market for much. Certainly not big ticket items... although I was DROOLING over some of these gorgeous rugs. I wanted the pink one below for my home office so badly but I just couldn't justify the price so soon after tax time. I've been looking at this photo every few days and sighing. Haha

There were SO. MANY. GORGEOUS. RUGS. I wanted them all!

I always tell Corey that if he sees milk glass in a colour other than white for a good price, to pick it up for me. I love colourful milk glass and it is so hard to find. I happened to come across a piece in the prettiest yellow and I couldn't resist. I finished my last trip with these sunny little treasures! Perfect to kick off summer!

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