House Progress (Before and After)

First of all, thank you all for the kind comments and private messages after my last post. Reading many of your messages brought tears to my eyes and I was so touched by those of you who shared your own struggles and experiences. It reaffirmed my belief that we're never really alone and that there is always someone out there who truly understands!

Right now, we're eagerly awaiting Baby M's arrival and Corey and I are determined to be more prepared than we were for Rudy. I don't have easy or enjoyable pregnancies and I'm trying to make an effort to try to have some special moments in, what will be, my last pregnancy. Before the chaos of a new baby sweeps through our house, I'd like to have the nursery ready so that I can spend a couple of evenings unpacking baby clothes and marvelling at how tiny Rudy's old onesies are.

Enter Corey. My dedicated partner who is working tirelessly on the nursery each night once Rudy is in bed. I cannot wait to share some nursery before and after photos but we still have a few days before I'm really ready for that.

For now, I'll show you some of the changes we've made to other areas of the house.  Of course, when possible, I'll post our progress in the form of before and after shots because they're more fun to look at.

I know I've already posted about our living room updates but here are the before and after shots again:



... Along with a couple of other angles that I don't have "before" shots for.

Here's a look at our dining room when we first moved in:


And here it is now:

One thing we never did in our old house (although it had always been in our plans) was hang family photos up the stairs. Despite the fact that the house isn't even close to being finished, we decided to start hanging our family photos anyway. We're determined to make this house feel like home right away!

We're still working on making it perfect but Rudy's room is already starting to feel fit for a princess. It's certainly come a long way from when we moved in!


Our own room is almost a mirror image of Rudy's room only with a larger closet. For our room, a King size bed was a priority. We've also installed bedside lamps, ordered new closet doors and installed new (cordless) blinds throughout the house. I don't have any great photos of our master bedroom yet but here are a couple where you can get a sense of how light and airy it feels now.


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