Rudy's New Room (Progress)

Note: Most of this post was composed months ago. Rest assured that Rudy has had a lovely and functional room (with furniture) for quite some time but I still wanted to share the process.

We're working on the nursery for Baby M (Including a super exciting but majorly time-consuming bonus project!) but I still want to share what we've done to Rudy's new room. I remember when we bought this house, I was so excited to have charming sloped ceilings in Rudy's room.

Even before we officially moved in, Rudy would join us for our visits to the house and she was always so excited to climb the stairs up to her room.

During our very first visit to the house after we closed, Rudy gave an excited squeal and ran straight into her walk-in closet.  She ended up collecting paint chips and hiding them there and running back and forth.

We have lots of plans for Rudy's room but it started with the colour.  We chose Farrow and Ball's Middleton Pink.  It's a fresh, young pink that changes colour depending on light.

We initially considered wallpaper, but I think we're a little traumatized after seeing the work required to remove the layers of wallpaper from the house.  We may consider an accent wall with stenciling or decals in the future though.

We have so many more ideas, including a window seat and closet hideaway. Note: This post was composed ages ago and we now have a window seat and a partially completed closet ad reading nook. I also saw this amazing idea, which we may try in Rudy's closet.

For now though, we just want to set up her furniture and move in.  Corey snapped a photo of the painted walls the other day.  So sweet!

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