Walnut Wreath DIY

With the holidays nearly upon us and our porch renovation (which I'll be sharing soon) complete, I am excited to do some holiday decorating.  While we're waiting until after we celebrate Rudy's birthday to do anything inside, I thought a festive wreath that would be appropriate for both fall and winter would be nice to hang on our new front door.

I've seen wreaths made with natural items like nuts before and I loved the idea.  I bought a compressed foam wreath form at a craft store and spray painted it black.  I also bought some ribbon and then headed to Bulk Barn for some walnuts.

I used a glue gun to secure each walnut in place and then reinforced them with superglue, which is better for extreme temperatures.  I secured a long ribbon in place and secured it before covering it with more nuts.

Initially, I thought I might spray paint the wreath in a bright colour but I ended up liking the natural look so I waited for the glue to dry and then sprayed it with a matte UV protective coat.  My hope was also to make the wreath unappealing to the squirrels who lived on our porch when we first moved in.

I had also intended to finish the wreath with a large bow in the centre but decided that I preferred it without any embellishments.

We actually like the finished product even more than we had expected!  We secured it with ribbon wrapped around the wreath and hung from command hooks on the inside of the door.  What do you think?

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