Mudroom Wish List

We are in the process of converting our porch to a mudroom.  It's really exciting to finally have a closet and (pretty soon) a place to sit down to put on winter boots.  We will also have plenty of room for Rudy's stroller, so we will no longer need to store it in the dining room.

The photo (above) is of our entrance hallway, which is seriously lacking a closet.  For years, we have put up with it and found creative ways to store shoes and coats (Creativity is key when you live in a small house.) but now we also have a stroller to store and it was time to find a new solution.

Although it will be a tiny room, I am excited to decorate it and have been compiling a list of ideas and inspiration photos.  Here is my wish list for the space:
  • Exposed Brick: I specifically wanted to leave our exposed brick wall.  We'll probably just paint it white, but I love the character of exposed brick and didn't want to drywall over it.
  • A Plant: This room will get lots of sun and it is one of the few rooms sheltered from the dogs, who have eaten most of my plants.  I really want something green in the space!
  • A Runner: The floor will be tile but I'm excited to have a runner in the space.  I'd been eyeing the one in the pattern below from Wayfair for a little while and we ended up buying it because it's indoor/outdoor and inexpensive.
  • A Mirror: It will be a small space and a mirror will help to prevent it from looking claustrophobic.  (We ended up choosing mirrored doors for the closet.)
  • Pull-Out Clothes Rails: The closet will be too shallow for a traditional clothes rail, so we'll need to find a solution.  This looks like a good option.
  • Natural Wood Accents: I'm thinking of using the bench below, which is made from an old bowling lane.  We had it in our entrance when we lived in the condo.
Photo by Thea Menagh
  • Blue/Green Accents: I love the inspiration photo below.  It looks like the colour we painted the kitchen and family room, so naturally I'm drawn to it.  I think it would be a lovely accent in a sunny mudroom!

The actual renovation will be completed in a couple of weeks and we're looking forward to showing you how it turns out! :)

We're also thinking of doing something a little different with paint... Maybe leaving most of the room white and painting just the ceiling or the inside of the closet.

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