Leaside Holiday House Tour (Part 2)

Today was a fabulous day for the first annual Leaside Holiday House Tour!  I left with many decorating ideas and inspiration and I'm excited to share some photos with you.  Remember to join us next year, since all proceeds support the Royal LePage Shelter Foundation.

Our day began in The Leaside Gardens where we had coffee and muffins and were able to bid on some items in a silent auction.  The entrance was decorated by Adrienne Dhima.  I loved the use of rustic neutral colours and fabrics paired with black and white.  It felt rustic but modern.

There were some beautiful things available for purchase.  I had my eye on these stunning gem inlaid charcuterie boards by Stone Water Studio.  My mother may have picked one up for me for Christmas.  I'll show you later.  ;)

We were treated to a talk on holiday decorating tips by Evelyn Eshun.

Next, we set off to tour six professionally decorated Leaside homes.  Each was beautiful and very unique.  I'll share a few photos from each house.  My amateur photography skills probably haven't done the houses or the designers justice (the reason I use a pro for my listing photos) but I am sharing my favourite pops of colour, ideas and vignettes from each house.

I bet another person would leave each house having photographed entirely different scenes (there was SO much to see in each house) but this is what I saw and loved.  I'll let you enjoy the photos without captions.  Maybe you'll join me next year.  :)

The first house was decorated by Erica Gelman.  My favourite room in the house was the Christmas morning scene in the family room.  I especially loved that is was staged with classic toys.  The metallic hues kept the room feeling glamorous but all the texture made it feel cozy and homey.

The second house was decorated by Evelyn Eshun.  There was so much to see in this house but I really loved how many of the pieces could be used year round.  I especially loved her use of berries and her mixing of throw pillows on the sofa.  Everything felt eclectic yet still pulled together.  This house gave me so many ideas!

The third house we visited was decorated by Jacklynn Little Interiors.  This house combined two very different styles.  I loved all the modern metallic hues in the living and dining rooms.  Those rooms simply sparkled and would have been equally appropriately decorated had it been new years eve!  The family room and kitchen were so festive and all the red made me feel like I could almost smell the peppermint!  Gorgeous!

The fourth house was decorated by Barbara Nyke of Nikka Design.  This house was elegant and colourful and I loved everything about it!  I would love to replicate this in my own home.  I may actually borrow the palette of silver, gold and rich jewel tones!  I'm actually thinking of picking up those blue plates at Crate and Barrel!

The fifth house was decorated by Set the Occasion.  I loved the mix of traditional and whimsical accessories.  The rich colours reminded me of my childhood Christmases and the polar bears on the tree were adorable!  I also loved the little collection of nutcrackers!

The sixth house was decorated by Emily Rivard of The Next Stage.  This house was so fragrant from all the cedar and pine inside that it inspired me to use some real cedar in my own decorating.  This house was filled with nature and it felt more subtly decorated than some of the others, but every bit as beautiful.  I especially loved the place settings.

Thanks for joining me.  Which home was your favourite?

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