We're at it again!  And by "it" I mean, optimistically choosing paint colours when there's still too much work to do on a room to be thinking about painting.  We have a deadline though for some of the major renos because I'm hosting a client appreciation party at the house in early May.  Will we be ready?  Probably not completely but at least this gives us a tangible goal!

Corey's already working on enclosing the duct that runs up through our dining room but I'll write about that in another post.  Right now, we are narrowing down our paint choice to either Farrow and Ball Oval Room Blue (top) or Farrow and Ball Stone Blue (bottom) but we ran out of steam and only used one coat for our test swatches.

I think we're leaning towards the Stone Blue for the dining room and the Oval Room for the upstairs bathroom.  It's also time for new curtains to go with our colour palette and, I'm skipping this DIY (I don't have time during the spring real estate market) in favour of these budget-friendly velvet curtains from Ikea.  I actually have them in grey in the living room and they're so thick that they act as insulation for our window, which we'll need to replace eventually.

Considering we're thinking of using the bottom paint colour, we just need to determine whether we want curtains in a similar or lighter shade.

I think I prefer the darker curtains because monochromatic rooms can feel so sophisticated.  What do you think?

Also, the wall that we used to test the paint has now been completely replaced since the plaster began to crack and the wooden lathe wasn't secure.  Here are the photos:

I arrived home from work this weekend to a brand new wall and to Rudy's first real laugh.  It sounded like a hearty chuckle!  What a day!

By the way, this is a cool way to look at choosing paint colours.

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