DIY Stretch Headbands

Even when I'm working crazy long days, I'm a sucker for a DIY project to unwind.  We dress Rudy in a lot of hand-me-downs (Thank you, generous friends!) and she often ends up looking very gender neutral.   

While it doesn't bother us when people tell us we have such a big handsome boy (We just say "thanks!") sometimes a headband or bow makes it easy for strangers to know what to say.  We've been getting compliments on Rudy's headbands lately, which inspired this post. 

I bought some fabric in a stretch jersey knit and experimented with two styles: a simple knot (shown in teal) and (as seen in the grey and pink) a turban-style.  For the turban-style, I also sewed a line of stitching up the back so that it doesn't come undone.

The fabric makes it really stretchy over Rudy's head and the fabric was really cheap and I have lots left in case I'm ever ambitious enough to make her actual clothing.

I decided to sew these by hand, since they're so simple (or SEW simple, haha) but if I were attempting a larger project, I'd use my machine and make sure I bought a ball-point needle for the stretch jersey.

For now, I'll stick with simple headbands.  :)

Note: If you're shopping online, try fabric.com because they have a great selection.  I might try a pattern like this, this or this!

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