It Takes A Village...

It really does take a village to raise a child.  Growing up, I remember having adult role models besides my parents who taught me different lessons.  Sure, I learned the most from my own parents who took us camping and taught us all the most important lessons, but it was fun to learn things from other "grown-ups" as well.

I remember there was a friend's mom who taught me to french-braid hair, my grandpa who taught me morse code.  My Nana collected fossils and taught me how to find them and I had an uncle who would prepare and garnish food beautifully.  Then, as I got older, there were important teachers who helped me improve my writing and babysitters who taught me to do my own french manicures.  It's funny how all the little things that you learn really do come from such different facets of your life.

Of course, I want to teach Rudy so much about life: from lessons about science to how to make a friend and how to stand up for herself... But I'm also excited to see what she'll learn from the other grown-ups in her life who aren't me an Corey.  We hope many of our friends and family will share their skills and interests with her as well.

A new mom I know just started a brilliant blog which does just that!  It allows all the important people in her little son's life to share a special skill or lesson.  It's called Sebastian's Village and I think the idea is inspirational.

What skill would you share?  For me, it might be how to start a campfire or maybe I'd pass my Nana's lessons on finding fossils along too.  I'd also like to share how to fly a kite or how to make a really good monkey sound or maybe how to tell a scary ghost story!  Isn't this a great idea?  What would your skill be?

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