Our Wedding Rings

We have less than a month until our wedding, so forgive me in advance if the ratio of wedding posts to regular posts changes a little.  Corey and I are crossing things off our "To Do" lists like crazy and we're finally starting to get really excited!

The last time I wrote about potential wedding bands, I was certain that I would get something really unusual.  Since then, Corey and I have instead decided that it would be romantic to have perfectly matching bands and we opted for classic white gold with square edges.

Our jewelers were amazing in helping us choose exactly what we wanted and they custom made my band to fit the thickness of my engagement ring to ensure that they sit together perfectly.

The process of choosing rings was actually pretty sweet and romantic and Corey and I were also excited to have them engraved with a special phrase.  After going through dozens of options, we ended up settling on the last line of our wedding vows:

My Love, My Life, My Friend

Our jewelers were also able to engrave them in our own handwriting so that Corey's ring has the phrase in my writing and my ring has his writing.  It feels very personal and I hope that one day, we will pass them down to our grandchildren and it will be like giving them a part of a love letter between us.  Maybe one day, we'll be like this couple:

Perhaps after Singleton is born, we'll each get a small diamond set in the band to commemorate the occasion.  I really like the unusual diagonal setting in this ring.

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