New Business Cards!

Side 1

Side 2

I recently received my Real Estate Broker designation and it was time for new business cards!  I actually decided to completely re brand them to reflect my own personality and style better.  I'll be sending hard copies with the next "snail mail" version of my newsletter.

My old business card (below) is attractive and it was fine when I started but I've been wanting to try something different for a while!  I had originally wanted a black card since it is strong and it stands out so well.  It wasn't long before I wished it had a lighter side because I would occasionally like to add additional information or even circle a phone number... which was obviously impossible on the black.

My slogan has remained the same since the vast majority (not all, mind you) of my clients have really liked it.  I did change the the fonts and ``general look``, as well as including the stylized name which was created for me by the talented Barbara Ann Soloman of Barbara Ann`s Style Blog and Fashion Magazine`s Style Panel.  The signature she designed for me is now a focal point of my personal branding and you can see it below.


So what do you guys think of the new business card?  Do you like the picture on the front?

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