Father's Day

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In our house, this has been an emotional week. We went through something hard as a family that I'm not quite ready to talk about (We're all okay... baby too!) but it reminded me of how caring Corey is and how hard he works to hold our family together.

With a second daughter on the way, this feels like a special Father's Day. Being a father to daughters is such a huge responsibility and I know our girls are very lucky to have such a great male role model in their lives. I often reflect on how parenthood has changed our relationship. Sure, we no longer have as much free time but there's also something really comforting and bonding about sharing a common goal and being on the same team for life.

One of the things I love most about watching Corey parent Rudy is watching him play rough with her and let her test her boundaries. She absolutely loves being tossed in the air and I love that it never occurs to him to be more gentle.

I had an "Awww" moment the other day when we were watching Moana as a family and Corey turned to me and said "You know what I like about this movie? I like that Moana's next in line to be chief and her gender is never an issue... or even mentioned at all." What a great way to think of gender roles in movies. No wonder Rudy already seems to have limitless confidence!

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I was sorting through some of my favourite daddy-daughter photos for this post (there are so many) and I was struck by how safe and silly and happy Rudy looks in all the pictures with Corey. The two of them have such a playful relationship and it's entirely different from the way she interacts with me. I just love that!

So, Corey, thank you for being such a great dad and partner and picking up all the parenting slack during, what has been, another rough pregnancy. You model strength, compassion, patience and respect for our daughter and you will show them both what they should one day expect from their own partners. You also give the best cuddles and are always suggesting yummy ice cream dates!

Rudy, M and I love you! xx

P.S.In honour of all the amazing dads, here is an awesome feminist dad shirt, a cool photoshoot and (if you're a little late with your shopping) a great dad gift guide.

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