Antiques and Tea

A couple of weeks ago, we left the house nice and early for a quick trip to Guelph for the Aberfoyle Antique Market.  Unlike other years, we were not hunting for any furniture.  In fact, it's time for some clearing out because I'm feeling like we're bursting at the seams already!  This time, we went without any shopping list at all and it made for a really relaxing couple of hours.

We still managed lots of window shopping and we also kept Rudy from smashing any priceless treasures.  I did end up with two new china teacups for my collection.  Aren't they pretty?

And, speaking of tea, I'm on a tea kick this summer!  I've been cutting back on my coffee intake lately and I've found some teas that can almost come close to replacing coffee for me, so I wanted to share: This tea, on ice is my absolute favourite, followed closely by this one, which has zero caffeine.  When I want a cold tea with a boost of caffeine, I reach for this one.  This is a decadent hot tea with just enough caffeine.  And finally, when I want a soothing caffeine-free hot tea, this is my go-to.  They all taste about 25% better in a nice mug or cup.  ;) Enjoy!

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