Two Summer Drinks

The long weekend is finally here and it's perfect weather to enjoy a cocktail outside.

Last summer, Corey would make me an Elderflower Collins every weekend.  It's refreshing and citrusy and was a lovely compliment to a hot summer evening.  Get the basic recipe here but we always substitute grapefruit juice for lemon juice with yummy results.

This summer, I've been enjoying the slightly tart Whiskey Collins.  I remember back before I was old enough to legally drink, a friend of mine snuck a water bottle filled with her father's whiskey into a party.  I turned up my nose and told her it was an old man's drink.  Obviously, my tastes have since changed and I now really enjoy whiskey but it's often overwhelming in the heat.  Enter the Whiskey Collins.  I like mine a little tart so I don't use much simple syrup and I also like it fizzy so fresh soda water is a staple.  I like the simplicity and the fact that I can order it in a bar or restaurant without explaining how it's made.  Here's the recipe.

Enjoy the long weekend!  Cheers!

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