My Favourite Baby Skin Care Products

Today I'm posting about my favourite line of baby products.  This is an unusual post for me because I never advertise products and have refused advertising opportunities in the past because Fresh Coat of Paint is just for fun! This is not a sponsored post but I am going to share my favourite products for Rudy's sensitive baby skin with you! 

I actually began this post months ago but work has been so busy lately that this post has been on the backburner.  I changed my mind today when I found myself chatting with a pregnant friend about Eco Chic Movement products.  I told her I'd write a blog post about them soon and with the recent headlines about the Johnson & Johnson and Honest Company lawsuits, this post feels timely.

Corey and I both tend to have sensitive skin and when Rudy was born, we assumed (correctly) that she would too.  We, like a lot of parents, researched almost every decision, wanting to give our child the best of everything and to shelter her from any discomfort.  With bath products and baby lotions especially, we wanted products that were mild and gentle and (obviously) not filled with irritants or carcinogens.

We tried several brands (were grossed out by some and just "meh" about others) and eventually found Eco Chic through a friend and have been using these Canadian made products ever since!  Why do we love them?  They are really gentle on Rudy's skin and have a very light, soothing scent.  After her bath, her skin feels clean with no residue, which is something that grossed me out about some of the other popular products we tried.  The baby wash/shampoo is castile soap based but it comes in a foaming dispenser so it forms a really good lather for a natural soap!  We also love the diaper cream and we actually get compliments from Rudy's daycare staff about the quality cream we send.  More importantly, she rarely experiences diaper rash since we started using it!  We use many of these products (like the baby lotion, baby face cream and the chest congestion rub) all the time but the baby wash and diaper cream are our absolute favourites!

I found myself recommending these products to friends so frequently that I reached out to the woman who started the line of products, Dr. Alexis Reid.  Dr. Reid is a naturopathic doctor based in Ottawa with a background in toxicology and chemical engineering.  She knows I love her products and I told her I was writing a blog post so she has sent me a discount code for my readers!

We love supporting Canadian companies and they're easy to order from the website.  If you're shopping for a line of natural baby products, check them out!

Bonus: Babies can be expensive so every little perk helps.  If any of my readers would like to try Eco Chic products, use discount code WELCOME3 at checkout for a 15% discount on your first purchase in 2016!  

You can also check out Eco Chic Movement at the Toronto Baby Show April 2 & 3!

And a special thanks to my friend Ana and her son Max for the bath toys, which coordinated beautifully!

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