Kitchen Reveal

So I've been holding out on you guys when it comes to our kitchen.  After spending months and months on renos, we finished it last spring but I took a break from blogging before I could share all the photos!

Thanks for your patience but I finally have my act together and would love to share the finished product.  Things to note: With two big dogs and a baby, it's not usually this neat and tidy.  It's also technically not 100% finished since we still need to plug all the little Ikea holes inside the cabinets but I got impatient.  

Remember how sad our kitchen was when we moved in?

I prefer to think of it like this:

There was practically no counter space and hardly any storage.  When we finally installed our dishwasher, we had to remove our only drawers, which we replaced with an armoire and kitchen cart.  We also had that (formerly) exterior window, which looked into a standing shower left by the previous owner.  We had expected to add a powder room when we removed the shower but we've actually come up with a better use for the space and I'll blog about it later.

Another thing we changed was the side of the door to the basement.  We ended up opening an entrance to the basement landing right off the dining room.  This allowed us to close the wall in the kitchen and gave us more cupboard and counter space.  We even found room for a narrow pantry.

During the process, we updated the electrical work, added many lights and tore up our old tile flooring to lay new Marmoleum.  You can find several of our kitchen progress posts like this one under the renovations tab at the top of this page.

Are you ready for the actual "after" photos?  We are really excited to share them!  Here they are!

I love that we chose two toned cupboards!  We also opted for gold-hued pulls, which I tried to pick up in the vintage rug.  I also have a copper cookware collection that will eventually be stored and displayed above our cabinets.

Pictures usually tell it best but here are some details behind some of our design choices:

We LOVE our durable quartz counters and our giant double sink, which is usually filled on one side with bottles.

We love our cabinet lighting, which makes the kitchen feel more expensive for a relatively small cost.  We also decided to splurge on a marble backsplash to tie in the white and grey cabinets.

While we were tempted to install a gorgeous range hood, we opted instead for a microwave with a good fan because I really wanted to maximize both the counter and cupboard space.

We bought extra tall cabinets so neither of us can reach the top shelves without a stool.  The tops of the glass cabinets house decorative vases but the opaque cabinets are ALL functional storage.

You can see the door to the pantry at the far right of the photo below.  Had we not moved the basement door to the dining room, we would have lost all that space!

We have a little breakfast station set up in the far corner.  That's where we make coffee, toast and smoothies in the morning.

In order to maintain a clear passage to the family room, we had to end our counter with lots of space to spare.  We finished the room with shelves.  We plan to display Rudy's artwork in the frames. :)

There it is!  It's been a long road but it was worth the wait.  We hope you enjoyed the photos because we've really been looking forward to sharing them!  Our new kitchen is functional and modern but it still feels like us.

Stay tuned for our upstairs washroom and main floor family room reveals.

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