Many of you have asked to see a floorplan of the new/old house and I know the layout is hard to picture from the photos I post.  I haven't posted anything until now because Corey and I just haven't had the time to make one up.

Now that some of the larger renos are complete (photos soon, I promise!) I asked Corey to come up with a rough floorplan (the measurements aren't exact) that I can share with all of you.

Here are some things to note, now that you can see what I mean:
  • Many people who live in old semis like ours have opened the front hallway walls to create a more open-concept layout.  We initially chose not to because of the expense, but I've actually grown to like having a separate living room and hallway space.  
  • Initially, the door to the basement was in the kitchen, but we moved it to the dining room (not shown) to allow us to install counters and cupboards right to the wall of the kitchen.
  • The family room is an addition to the house.  When I write about the old shower in the family room, it was in the bottom left corner.  I still entertain dreams of building a small powder room in that corner, but for now, we've found another way to make the room work for our family.
  • Upstairs, we created a large closet in the master bedroom along the bottom wall, as shown in the diagram.  We hope to eventually create a door from the hall to the old master bedroom closet for additional linen storage.
  • Eventually, we may add a second storey to our addition.  It would involve extending the hallway through the nursery along the bottom wall for access to a fourth bedroom. 
Those are our plans for now.  At least now I can show you what I mean when I mention future renovations.

,,, And here are a few photos of the new/old house as it is today.  We've renovated our kitchen and bathroom this year so these are "after" photos.  We are currently working on an update for our family room and it's looking quite transformed from the day we moved in.  I'll share the rooms in more detail later but let's call this a sneak peek.

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