Our Sad Kitchen

Before Rudy was born, I was blogging a lot more about the nursery than the kitchen.  Is that because I'm afraid of the kitchen?  Well.... maybe a little.  Our kitchen has been an eyesore and source of anxiety for me since we moved in but I'm pleased to finally report some big progress.

As with every room in our new/old house, there were lots of "Huh???" moments.  When Corey was tearing down the old walls, he came across random wires that weren't attached to anything and even one live wire... Yowza!

All that work to tear out the old tile and the random pieces of drywall which were hiding even more random wires left us with some pretty sad looking walls.  Yep, this is probably about the time I stopped checking on the kitchen because it scared me and grossed me out a bit.

Luckily, Corey pushed forward and hung new drywall using his nifty laser level.  

In order to hang the cupboards, parts of the walls (around the chimney and a plumbing stack) had to be framed.

And finally, my brother and Corey began to build and position the cabinetry little by little...

And all of a sudden, one day, our sad kitchen started to look a little less sad...

I felt even better when our new quartz counters were finally installed.  With our counters, came our sink and gas cooktop:

We're still a far cry from finished but it's coming.... soon.  I hope.

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