Have a Great Weekend!

Hey guys.  I thought I'd share the photo (above) of a very sweet moment.  Corey always files Rudy's nails so carefully and he often puts on an episode of Bubble Guppies to distract her.  It's their "morning manicure tradition" and I think it's the cutest!  We've been noticing lately that Rudy really seems to understand the story lines of her shows and she gets anxious or sad if a character is in danger and is excited and claps when something good happens.  It's so cute to watch!

What are you doing this weekend?  I'm working both days but I'm hoping for some nice weather to take Rudy and the dogs for a nice long walk early one morning.  Between being sick and the cold weather, I've been missing our family walks.

Here are some links that I like from around the web:

If I were a teenager, I would totally want one of these funky bags.

I love this pretty wallpaper.  It would be so sweet in a nursery.

Valentine's Day may be over, but I want to make these truffles.

Someone I worked with years ago just lost a battle to cancer.  It is very sad and I never know what to say when someone passes away, but I was moved by the beauty of this essay.

I'm normally not a fan of insects, but this article is really interesting.

What a fun/messy indoor activity that would be perfect for a snow day.

These are all the rage and they're supposed to be great for stress relief.  Have you tried one?

I'd like to try this pretty Easter craft.

Rudy prefers cars and musical instruments to dolls at the moment but if she ever does decide she likes dolls, I'd love for her to have one like these.

Made me laugh.

REALLY made me laugh!

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