A New Blog Look for 2016!

It seems that every couple of years, I get tired of the look or the format of this blog and I decide to make a few changes.  Corey would say I have the same short attention span with our house and that's why it's always evolving.  He's probably right.

This year, we've made many changes to the house (including some not yet featured here, like repainting our living room and completing our family room.) but I still have a long list of things I'd like to do.  I feel the same way about this blog.  It began as something I thought I should write for work and evolved into a cherished journal, which is often a reflection of the state of our own home.  As you can see, this state fluctuates a lot.

Sure, there are months when I'm organized and post often, but there are other times when work and life and family sort of carry us away from our work on our new/old house.  In the past couple of years, we've added a dog and a baby to our home, but we manage to always come back to our renovations.  Perhaps Rudy has been the biggest motivator of all, since we're always eager to add magical spaces within our home for her to enjoy.

Fresh Coat of Paint has been a good friend to me and I often noticed (especially during the most challenging days of my pregnancy) that I would write a post as a form of catharsis.  Sometimes I wouldn't even have the courage to publish these posts but just the act of writing them has been reassuring and calming.  Later, when we had a new baby and it was hard to find the energy after a long day of work to continue one of our house projects, knowing that I'd get to post about it and share it with all of you kept me motivated.

I thought that the new year (Are you still having trouble writing "2016" like I am?) would be a good excuse to look back at Fresh Coat.  Remember my old layout and background?  You guys were so relieved when I finally updated it but had been so polite not to tell me how hideous it was until after the switch. ;)

The last version is still serving me well.  I think my posts are pretty organized.  I kept most things from my last redesign for the sake of simplicity.  I only felt that the banner was a little hard to read so I changed it for 2016.

Here's the new one, below.  I wanted it to reflect that this blog really is just a little peek into our lives.  Does that come across at all?

Oh and by the way, we began our year with a wedding.  How happy, right?  Corey's identical twin got married and Rudy got to be a flower girl.  She was so proud walking down the aisle holding our hands and Corey and I were pretty proud too.  Here's a photo, in case you'd like to see.  :)

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